January 07, 2009

Nu term

tanggal 7 ini diawali dengan awal tahun ajaran baru di institusi tempat aq mengajar. Bertemu dengan new people, young people, old students, handsome, beatiful, and even average (sorry to say). hari ini topik yang harus qu bawakan adalah The Power of Money. yang believe it or not pasti sangat kuat kekuatannya.

At first, i trigger my students with questions about the reality show which provides a lot of money for the winner, and then they come up with many answers, let's say Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be A Millionaire, and many others.

Now, it is time for them to make an "if" situation. I asked them to pretend to be the winner of the reality show and they have got the money. They need to draw everything that comes across their mind about things that they will do as the winner. after drawing their activities or things that they are going to do, i asked them to retell to their friends about their wishes.

many responses and things that they want to do whenever they get the money. One comment that touch my heart was the comment from my student that she wanted to take her whole family traveling around the world, her father, mother, and brothers. How noble!!!

Another funny response was from X. he mentioned that he would like to spend the money to go around the world to compare the universities in many countries that he stepped his feet on. Before doing that, he would not settle into a certain university.

May they have their wishes come true since they have noble and majestic hope.

Many follow up activities can be done for this kind of warming up stage.

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  1. you have to get them be entrepreneur,but there is things that you may to build in their mind. you have to motivate it better hope in the future.thank you so much