April 21, 2009


Sabtu, April 18 marked the final day of my two years struggling and finishing my S2 program majoring English education. It was the most waited and frightened day that we were all expecting. We needed to answer the questions from three professional lecturers, one professor and two doctors.

You know what, i've got the first turn. How nervous and anxious my nerve was! The professor asked me questions related to what i have written in written test. I've told them that what i remember was the question related to the students' failure taking UNAS due to the teachers' failure.

Of course, i totally disagree with this statement, since I think that the implementation of UNAS suffered from validity and reliability. Why validity? it happens since the test maker, in this case is BNSP set the standard without considering what happen in the class or at school. Especially with the implementation of school-based curriculum where the teachers have great chance to adapt, adopt the materials to the students' needs and the school's condition. I wonder with what happened to the students at remote area.

Why reliability? I often see on TV that many students do the test at the hospital. eventhough not all, but I wonder about their performance. Do they really show their true performance, I don't think so!!!

In this case, I suggest that the test maker consider what really happen at schools. Or maybe, the teacher's test made is also considered to determine the students' passing UNAS.

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