January 26, 2009

The Miracle Worker

Takjub, haru, biru, lucu, menarik, dan touching ...

Respondku untuk film hitam putih ini. It is a very inspiring story for everybody, especially for a teacher like me. It is based on Helen Keller's story who lives in great silent and darkness.

I really admire the spirit of Annie Sullivan (Anne Bancroft) as Helen Keller's teacher who does not want to give up his faith on her student. She just wants to make Helen understand that every living things in this world have names. Through Annie's courage and persistence, she is able to make her understand that the physical thing for water is water.

It is a rewarding experience knowing that the students are able to do as what the teacher expects them to do. The reward is beyond money, but it is everything that even words cannot be used to describe.

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